Welcome to

The Sugar District


Anticipation is building in Canyon County! Dive into a world where joy and excitement meet to create unforgettable memories! The Sugar District isn’t just another place on your way—it’s your destination for food, shopping, and gathering.

Something Sweet is Coming Your Way!

Why the Sugar District?

More Than a Quick Stop

Effortlessly reachable with close freeway access, the Sugar District isn’t just another spot on your map; it’s an experience that makes you want to return time and time again.

Locally Committed

Our commitment is to boost local businesses by transforming vacant spaces into thriving venues and, attracting more opportunities and prosperity.

Community-Focused Entertainment

Imagine a hub that offers not just entertainment but a sense of community. From live events to unique culinary experiences, The Sugar District welcomes everyone!

Sustainable Revitalization

Transforming dormant spaces into thriving community areas promotes environmental stewardship and instills a sense of community pride.

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